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Top 10 Best wireless light switches 2018. With the many features available in the market today, you will be able to find the ideal wireless option for you..

Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch – – This smart light switch connects to your existing home WiFi network to provide wireless control of your lights – with no subscription or hub required. From porch lights to ceiling fans to recessed lighting, Wemo Light Switch can control nearly anything that a traditional light switch can.

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Best CES 2019 Smart Home Tech: 25 Awesome Gadgets Adding a smart switch can be much more cost-effective than adding four or more smart lights, each of which can cost as much as a single switch. If your room is lit by floor or table lamps, then smart plugs are the way to go; you simply connect the lamp into the smart plug, and then the plug into the wall outlet.

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The Lutron Caséta Wireless In-Wall Dimmer lets you convert your home’s lighting system to smart lighting while still allowing you to control your lights the old-fashioned way if you want. It relies on a rock-solid mesh network, which is especially helpful if you have a weak Wi-Fi signal. It’s also the easiest to install of all the smart dimmers we tried.

Philips hue smart dimmer Switch with remote. The philips hue dimmer switch, replaces your current normal light switch and can provide smart functionality to traditionally dumb lights.Simply replace your existing switches with this one and you can control your lights via an included remote control.

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Wemo Wi-Fi Light Switch (F7C030FC) : Equipped with WiFi, the Wemo light switch lets you turn the lights on or off from anywhere. Pretty neat, eh? Now you can control your lights without needing to be anywhere in or even near your house, or set up rules for time-specific operation.

3. ecobee Switch+ Smart Light Switch. There are so many things I love about this light switch, and it’s not even about turning on the lights! The ecobee has plenty of hands-free solutions, including the ability to ask Alexa for things like the lights, news, music and more.

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The Best Smart In-Wall Switches of 2019 – reviewed.comgosund smart light switch Best Value. The Gosund Smart Light Switch is remarkably pleasant to install and use for its low price. In our testing, it scored slightly higher overall than our top pick, the Leviton Decora.

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